Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wedding Caricature

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My wedding caricatures are extremely popular with young and old(er)! You can order any style over at

All I require is photo of each face and a description of what you would like drawn in the background.

Each caricature is hand drawn to your specifications and can include anything you wish in the background.

Some couples use the wedding caricatures as wedding invitations or little favours to add to tables.  Each guest can then receive their own copy of the wedding caricature.

The first wedding anniversary theme is paper so some couples use a caricature print as a wedding gift.

Caricatures can also be inserted into a themed wedding newspaper.  Send me the details of how you met, a few interesting stories (even funny stories!) and I will create your very own wedding newspaper.

The caricature always prove to be a hit at the wedding with guests talking about the artwork rather than how drunk Uncle Ted is.

You can also purchase gifts for the best man and bridesmaids.  Hey would you like to see your mother-in-law drawn?

Remember that any theme can be designed for you so you are not limited to a specific wedding can have anything you want.

The caricature prints can be enlarged to around 1 metre so are ideal as banners or posters too.

You can even use your caricature as a guest signing in board.  Opt for the framed caricature and you will receive a white mount that guests can sign.  It's then just a case of inserting the print and mount in the frame and you will have a totally unique momento of the big day.

Order your wedding caricature now at

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