Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yes, these are 'Hand Drawn Caricatures'

I suppose the title of this blog post sums up my weekly conversation with some visitors who come to see my artwork. "Yes, these are hand drawn caricatures."

They are blown away by the exceptional quality and are intrigued to learn that there is no photo manipulation and that every caricature is hand drawn from scratch.

I have had quite a job convincing some people that the caricatures were hand drawn so found myself posting some videos on YouTube to demonstrate the process.

Once I receive your order I ask for your description and a photo of the person to be drawn.

Each caricature order is handled personally by myself. So, you only deal with one person from start to finish.

If you want to order a caricature and have a few questions then please feel free to contact me to clarify what you need. Basically I can draw anything to any size.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Caricatures

The Christmas caricature orders are coming in fast and it really is great to be able to produce artwork that customers can use for a variety of purposes.

Some customers are designing their very own Christmas cards while others are using the designs for party invitations.

There are many existing designs to select from or you can opt for a fully customised version.

All that is required in order to hand draw your caricature is a good quality photo and a description of the theme you require.

Your caricature will then be hand drawn by one of the best in the business!

The caricature artwork can be produced onto a professional lab print, canvas, framed print, banner, cards etc. The actual size is totally up to you. I have listed some common sizes on the website but feel free to request something different.

Order your very own Christmas caricatures today.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caricature in Made-to-Measure Frame

Today's daily deal is a 12" x 18" professional lab caricature print in a 16" x 22" made-to-measure high quality frame, with full postage anywhere in Australia for only $119.

This is an incredible deal with a saving of $100 off standard prices.

This deal is only available today and only in limited numbers so be quick and order early to avoid disappointment.

You can select from 80 different backgrounds and then send in a photo of the person to be drawn.

The artwork will be produced in full quality with an absolutely amazing likeness to the person to be drawn. These caricatures do not offend so they make awesome Christmas gifts.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Cards

Remember to order your Christmas Cards within the next couple of weeks in order to get them in plenty of time for Christmas.

The Company Christmas Cards are proving to be extremely popular this year.

You can opt for Christmas Card artwork only or I can arrange printing and posting for you.

Once the artwork has been drawn you can use the face(s) on any other designs throughout the year.

Many companies combine the Company Christmas Cards with their employee gift i.e. have your employee drawn as their favourite character e.g. Superman, golfer, sexy maid.

You can include a print or canvas of each employee and only have to pay for the cost of the print or canvas since the artwork for the Christmas Card has already been drawn.

All I require is a photo of each person to be drawn and a description of the background. You can leave the creative part up to me if you like.

Order your festive Christmas cards today.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daily Christmas Deals

Every day in November I am offering incredible Daily Deals. Visit the daily deals page for details of today's special offer.

We all know that everyone struggles when it comes to finding unique Christmas gifts that show you have made an effort.

Well now you can be the hero of the hour with these unique high quality caricature images.

The caricatures are drawn to an extremely high standard with amazing likeness to the person.

All you need to do is select a suitable caricature background from the many available, or describe what you would like to be drawn.

Then, send in a photo and I will do the rest.

The caricatures on the Daily Deals pages offer you the best of the best. You could be enjoying a 50cm x 75cm caricature on canvas or one of the many multiple deals on of your whole family are only a mouse click away.