Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back to the Stone Age with the Flintstones

Customers are always asking for some great themes for their caricatures over at and it is always a pleasure coming up with something unique.

Each caricature is drawn to exceptional detail and contains a variety of features to make each piece of art unique.

The current background that is being worked on is for a Flintstones style theme.  We have a couple sitting in the Stone Age next to a Wi-Fi hotspot using their laptop and tablet devices (is it OK to say!).

Behind the couple we can see a rather curious dinosaur looking at what they are doing.

Obviously this is only the first very rough draft of the caricature background and a lot more work has to be done.  However, I think you can probably tell that this is going to be an exceptionally unique design.

So, do you know someone who is still living in the Stone Age in terms of their use of technology?  This would make an ideal gift and may even prompt them to improve their skills in the use of technology.

If you have a unique request for a caricature then please contact me over at to discuss your requirements.  I am always happy to accommodate the unusual!