Monday, December 3, 2012

Graduation Caricatures

Graduation caricatures make an ideal gift and momento of the special day.

All that is required is a photo of the person to be drawn and a description of what you would like in the background.

Each graduation caricature is unique and is hand-drawn by an extremely talented artist.

Any size of caricature can be drawn from the small photo-size to a large poster over 2 metres in length.

Caricatures can also be finished in many mediums including the popular canvas, standard print, mounted, framed, acrylic block, ...anything that can be printed on.

Patrick Morrow over at is a specialist in producing top quality caricatures and portraits.  Just read the 100s of feedback entries from his very happy customers.

A graduation ceremony is a unique occasion and commissioning a hand-drawn caricature is a unique way to remember the day.

All graduation caricatures are hand drawn in full colour and to extremely high standards.  The photo-likeness is amazing.

These graduation caricatures are an inexpensive and novel way to capture the importance of the day.

Order your graduation caricature today over at

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