Sunday, December 9, 2012

Speed Painting by Patrick Morrow

Speed Painting: there are a few definitions of this kind of art on the internet but the one commonly associated with speed painting is where an image is drawn and all strokes are captured with a video camera or screen capture utility.

The video is then accelerated to many times its normal speed so that hours of footage can be watched in just a few minutes.

My Whoopi Goldberg portrait speed painting is an example of this process.  You can watch it below or click on this link.

The actual painting process took me about 3 hours and it was enjoyable to begin with.  The black on the habit was a bit tedious as there was not much variation.

It's amazing how quickly the likeness comes together when painting these portraits.  Within a minute or so of watching the video you can immediately tell who it is supposed to be.

All my work is recorded directly from my iMac using QuickTime Player and then imported into iMovie and/or Premiere for some video acceleration.

During 2013 I hope to produce more speed painting videos.  If you would like to be the star of a speed painting video then contact me via my website at

Yes, you could be starring in a YouTube speed painting video.  All I require is a good quality photo to work from.

Feel free to tell your friends and pass this limited time special offer on to them.

One winner will be selected to be the star.

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