Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas with your friends and family.

I look forward to completing your orders in 2012.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Star Wars Caricature

My Star Wars Caricatures are extremely popular with orders coming in regularly.

There are many space and Star Wars themed backgrounds to choose from or you can have your very own sci-fi background designed.

From Han Solo to Luke Skywalker, now you can be rescuing your very own Princess Leia from the clutches of the dark lord himself, Darth Vader.

The Star Wars caricature, like the Star Wars films has a bit of a cult following here at

The ability to create anything with no limits is a great asset to have. There are no pre-defined concepts in the Star Wars universe so anything is possible when it comes to producing alien creatures, cool space ships or new blaster weapons.

The Star Wars caricature will make a great gift for the sci-fi geek in your life.

Any amendments can be made to any of the various Star Wars or other sci-fi themes available. You can truly personalise these stunning pieces of art.

The Star Wars prints look awesome at 12" x 18" (30cm x 45cm) but for real effect I recommend either the 50cm x 75cm canvas or any of the framed versions. They larger full colour versions make a real impact and allow more detail to be shown. And, after all, the sci-fi fan loves to show off his memorabilia.

If you would like your very own Star Wars caricature designed then contact me via the website at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Wedding Proposal

The dreaded wedding proposal. The day when the young man gets down on bended knee to ask the most important question of his life!

Now, what you would say if you got a reaction such as that shown opposite?

It's always great to work with a couple who like to add a little humour into their caricatures.

The wedding proposal caricature is one of my favourites and it's easy to see why.

The scene can be recaptured and preserved in your very own commemorative caricature for all to see.

The great thing is that once the faces are drawn they can be used on new backgrounds for the wedding invitations, wedding gifts etc.

If you have a unique idea for your own wedding proposal or engagement caricature then I am always happy to design what you require. I have had many very strange requests over the years but I always manage to oblige.

Get in contact with me today to arrange your unique wedding proposal caricature.

Wedding Chains

The wedding season is almost upon me as I prepare for the rush of wedding caricature orders.

This 'Wedding Chains' theme is a great talking point for wedding invitations, guest signature board, or even as little wedding favours.

If you are getting married or know someone who is then this is the perfect gift for you.

The wedding caricatures always delight and always seem to be one of the highlights of the wedding.

Order your wedding caricature early and present the wedding party with a truly unique gift. That's right...forget the toaster, let your imagination (or mine) run wild with the design of your very own commissioned piece of art!

You can contact me via my website at

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Are you a fan of the South Sydney Rabbitohs?

This unique caricature design can feature you as a South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby player with a are a rabbit!!

This is a very popular design and is one of many I produce as rugby caricatures.

Any team and any colours can be produced. Any number of people can be included...even a whole rugby team if you wish.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs themes include many family caricatures and individual rugby players. Just as for more details.

If you would like your very own South Sydney Rabbitohs caricature designed then simply place your caricature order via my website at

Retirement & Leaving Gifts

This is a retirement gift for an employee of SCS, a company dealing with satellite TV.

One of their colleagues was retiring and planning to travel and they requested a caricature design to show him about to take off on his travels around the world. There was also a requirement to include a reference to the company business (hence the SCS logo and satellite dish).

All of his colleagues were captured waving him off on his travels.

A caricature makes an excellent leaving, retirement, or farewell gift. It can capture so many everyone can have their own copy!

If you would like to order or discuss a retirement gift for a colleague then simply get in touch via my website at

Michael Jackson Moonwalk Party Invitations

The Michael Jackson Moonwalk caricature is one of my most requested designs.

The design is simple but the easy recognition of the Michael Jackson moonwalk makes it a firm favourite for party invitations.

The background makes it easy to incorporate party invitation text on the front.

Many clients have requested this design over the years and it is nice to see that literally 1000s of party invitations have used this design.

If you are after some unique party invitations then opt for one of my world-renowned caricature designs.

Please contact me at today.

Budweiser Brew 66

This is one of the many caricatures I have designed for the Budweiser beer commercials.

Every month I provide a new caricature design for Budweiser and Stella Artois.

This one was for Budweiser Brew 66 and had to show something reflecting a cold drink. What better than to show the director pulling the Budweiser beer can straight out of the ice!

If you would like your own custom caricature then please contact me at

Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Caricature

It's always nice when a customer returns for another caricature as it confirms the exceptional quality that they have received previously.

This family caricature was produced for a Super Mother. The brief was to show some of her reading interests, the fact that she is always cleaning, and include the previous caricatures I had drawn for other family members.

The 2 younger daughters were the first to get their caricatures drawn about 6 months previously. They wanted something that showed their love of fashion.

The next caricature was a Beauty and the Beast style caricature for the older daughter.

The family then came back for the final instalment for their mother.

Thanks to Emma and her family for their return custom. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with and left some fantastic feedback.

If you would like a custom caricature then please contact me at

Aussie BBQ at Christmas

So, how may of you will be having a traditional Aussie BBQ this Christmas?

This caricature was designed for one of my repeat customers. The brief was to show a few traditional Aussie items such as the flag, kangaroo warning triangle, thongs, VB stubby, BBQ.

'Throw another shrimp on the barbie'...does anyone actually say that?

The saying originated from the old Australian tourism adverts starring Paul Hogan where he actually said 'I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you'.

The items displayed in this caricature have become synonymous with popular Australian culture.

If you would like your own caricature designed then please contact me at

Cricket Team Caricatures

There is a great interest in cricket in Australia and I am often asked to design cricket team caricatures.

This cricket team caricature was produced for the directors of an Australian company.

The brief was to design a simple cricket themed caricature.

It was great that they had good quality photos to supply. Having good photos makes the whole process so much easier and the results speak for themselves.

If you would like your own cricket themed caricature then contact me at

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mary Poppins at QPAC

Mary Poppins is currently showing at various venues around Australia including QPAC in Brisbane.

I was asked to complete a caricature with a Mary Poppins theme and produced the caricature you see here.

The brief I had was to capture the 2 main characters from Mary Poppins against a simple stage backdrop...this was for the 2 clients you see in the caricature.

Mary Poppins is the winner of 8 Helpmann awards including Best Musical.

Mary Poppins commences at QPAC on 30th December and runs through to 17th March 2012.

I have created a few musical themed caricatures over the years including one for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Theatre Company to celebrate the hit run of Phantom of the Opera.

If you would like to commission your own caricature then please contact me.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hyperrealism - the next phase

I have been interested in the hyperrealism style of painting for some time now. I have dabbled with a few small projects but want to complete something of significance in 2012. I envisage this being an extensive project probably lasting a few months...yes, a lot of hours of work!

For those who do not know, hyperrealism is a genre of painting where the finished artwork actually resembles a photograph. Many people have difficulty in telling the difference...something I find myself discussing with visitors to my artwork at Eumundi.

I am currently looking for a major project to undertake. It will probably be for my own collection but I am open to commissions for businesses or private collections.

This will not be a caricature! What I am hoping to complete is something different to my usual work. This will be a hyperrealistic painting of significance.

At present I am leaning towards a landscape/cityscape...something depicting the essence of Australia. However, the idea of a portrait of significance also intrigues me.

Throughout 2012 I will be posting my progress with this project on this blog and/or my website.

Friday, December 9, 2011

How to paint a portrait

Yesterday I showed you how I paint my caricatures. Today I show you how I paint my portraits.

The video above is a very quick 'sketch' rather than one of my more detailed paintings. My detailed portraits can take up to 40 hours or more to complete. Every hair is painstakingly painted by hand...there are absolutely no photo manipulations, scans, trickery...all my work is produced by hand!

I usually start painting a portrait with a black (or dark grey) background and white outline. I find this easier to work with than having a black outline. It's therefore strange that I prefer a black outline on my caricature work! However, the two styles are very different so it is only right that I have a different approach to each.

After the initial outline I will redefine the outline and smooth it out a little. At this stage the portrait is still a very rough sketch.

I prefer to work in B&W (greyscale) and build up layer after layer of shading. I use a soft brush with fairly light strokes, ensuring I blend the various shades.

The next stage is to add some details to the face i.e. the eyes, mouth, nose etc.

The eyes of the portrait are extremely important and I find myself revisiting this are of the painting over and over again.

Once the majority of the facial detail has been completed I will smooth out the initial outlines...often erasing them totally or blending them into the face.

Once the black and white base shading is completed it is time to start adding colour to the portrait. The video above does not show this stage but it is fairly quick as the majority of the painting is completed during the black and white stage.

If you would like to commission your own caricature or portrait then please feel free to contact me or visit my website at

My work is receiving international recognition with many of the top companies seeking my work.

Below are just a few of the 1000s of pieces of art I have completed.

I have always wanted to complete a portrait of Marilyn and managed to get this one finished a couple of months ago.

Here it is hanging in one of my rooms at room.

With the latest release of the Twilight movies I thought it only fitting that I complete a portrait of one of the cast.

This portrait has received a lot of recognition on various sites including a coveted 'Featured Portrait of the Month' award.

You can view the portrait at the world famous Eumundi Market every Saturday.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to draw a caricature

We look at faces every day yet when it comes to drawing them there are few people who can do it well.

When I am hand painting a caricature I follow some simple steps.

In this blog post I walk you through the steps involved when drawing a caricature.

STEP 1 - the outline of the face. This is probably one of the most important steps as it will define the actual likeness to the person being drawn. The caricature does not have to be extorted in any caricatures are not the extreme type. I spend quite a lot of time on this stage, ensuring I get a really good shape for the face. I keep referencing the photo sent to me as I need the caricature to look like the person...after all, that is what I am renowned for!

STEP 2 - base shading. This is what gives the caricature its shape. A solid base colour is applied followed by some lighter and darker shades to define the shape of the face.

STEP 3 - the eyes. The eyes of a caricature or portrait are extremely important. The hardest thing for me is telling what colour the eyes are from the photo as few people actually list this in their description...despite my requests!

STEP 4 - the mouth. Actually a difficult part of drawing a caricature as there is so much to include. The lips, teeth, inside of the mouth, subtle highlights etc all define a person's mouth. I often get asked to add a smile to the caricature but this can be difficult as everyone smiles differently.

STEP 5 - the hair. Almost finished now and just the hair to do. Hand painting hair on a caricature is relatively easy. For my portrait work I actually hand paint every strand of hair which is extremely time consuming. However, the results are worth it. If the person has a beard or stubble then I also complete that at this stage.

STEP 6 - finishing touches. I now add some more highlights and shading to further define the face of the caricature.

Once the caricature face has been drawn it is time to complete the body and background. It is at this stage that the whole piece comes to life.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doctor Who Caricature

This is the latest Doctor Who caricature which was completed earlier today.

It is based on the Matt Smith Doctor Who (customer face) with his signature red bow tie and tweed jacket.

The background contains the TARDIS and shows a wormhole...all adding to the fantastic look of a caricature worthy of any Time Lord.

The whole caricature is awesome at any size but I particularly recommend the 50cm x 75cm canvas print for truly is stunning!!

You can have your very own face hand drawn on this Doctor Who caricature.

If you require a custom Doctor Who background then this can also be uniquely hand drawn for you. Just specify what you require when you order your Doctor Who caricature. Perhaps you would like to include a DALEK or some Cybermen...the choice is yours.

Order your very own Doctor Who caricature today.

Hand Painted Portrait

If you are after something totally unique then a hand painted portrait is the way to go this Christmas.

All I need is a photo of the person to be painted and I will then turn it into a portrait.

Special techniques can be applied to the painting to turn it into the portrait bust you see on the left.

I can turn old photos into modern day masterpieces which can be produced as a framed print or onto canvas.

These hand painted portraits make ideal Christmas gifts as they are totally unique and tell the receiver that you actually thought of something other than the pair of socks!!

Order your very own hand painted portrait today.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Caricatures

At this time of year I always receive many requests for family caricatures.

You can order your family caricature here:

You can include any background detail you wish on your family caricature.

Each caricature can be drawn to your exact requirements and to any size.

All I need to draw your family caricature is a good photo of each person. I then hand draw the artwork and it is professionally printed at an external lab (no cheap inkjet prints here!).

Place your order today and receive a totally unique gift in time for Christmas.

Christmas Delivery Times

There is still time to order for pre-Christmas delivery.

Canvas: Friday 9th December

Prints: Tuesday 13th December

Framed Prints: Tuesday 13th December

E-mail: Wednesday 21st December

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yes, these are 'Hand Drawn Caricatures'

I suppose the title of this blog post sums up my weekly conversation with some visitors who come to see my artwork. "Yes, these are hand drawn caricatures."

They are blown away by the exceptional quality and are intrigued to learn that there is no photo manipulation and that every caricature is hand drawn from scratch.

I have had quite a job convincing some people that the caricatures were hand drawn so found myself posting some videos on YouTube to demonstrate the process.

Once I receive your order I ask for your description and a photo of the person to be drawn.

Each caricature order is handled personally by myself. So, you only deal with one person from start to finish.

If you want to order a caricature and have a few questions then please feel free to contact me to clarify what you need. Basically I can draw anything to any size.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Caricatures

The Christmas caricature orders are coming in fast and it really is great to be able to produce artwork that customers can use for a variety of purposes.

Some customers are designing their very own Christmas cards while others are using the designs for party invitations.

There are many existing designs to select from or you can opt for a fully customised version.

All that is required in order to hand draw your caricature is a good quality photo and a description of the theme you require.

Your caricature will then be hand drawn by one of the best in the business!

The caricature artwork can be produced onto a professional lab print, canvas, framed print, banner, cards etc. The actual size is totally up to you. I have listed some common sizes on the website but feel free to request something different.

Order your very own Christmas caricatures today.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caricature in Made-to-Measure Frame

Today's daily deal is a 12" x 18" professional lab caricature print in a 16" x 22" made-to-measure high quality frame, with full postage anywhere in Australia for only $119.

This is an incredible deal with a saving of $100 off standard prices.

This deal is only available today and only in limited numbers so be quick and order early to avoid disappointment.

You can select from 80 different backgrounds and then send in a photo of the person to be drawn.

The artwork will be produced in full quality with an absolutely amazing likeness to the person to be drawn. These caricatures do not offend so they make awesome Christmas gifts.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Cards

Remember to order your Christmas Cards within the next couple of weeks in order to get them in plenty of time for Christmas.

The Company Christmas Cards are proving to be extremely popular this year.

You can opt for Christmas Card artwork only or I can arrange printing and posting for you.

Once the artwork has been drawn you can use the face(s) on any other designs throughout the year.

Many companies combine the Company Christmas Cards with their employee gift i.e. have your employee drawn as their favourite character e.g. Superman, golfer, sexy maid.

You can include a print or canvas of each employee and only have to pay for the cost of the print or canvas since the artwork for the Christmas Card has already been drawn.

All I require is a photo of each person to be drawn and a description of the background. You can leave the creative part up to me if you like.

Order your festive Christmas cards today.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daily Christmas Deals

Every day in November I am offering incredible Daily Deals. Visit the daily deals page for details of today's special offer.

We all know that everyone struggles when it comes to finding unique Christmas gifts that show you have made an effort.

Well now you can be the hero of the hour with these unique high quality caricature images.

The caricatures are drawn to an extremely high standard with amazing likeness to the person.

All you need to do is select a suitable caricature background from the many available, or describe what you would like to be drawn.

Then, send in a photo and I will do the rest.

The caricatures on the Daily Deals pages offer you the best of the best. You could be enjoying a 50cm x 75cm caricature on canvas or one of the many multiple deals on of your whole family are only a mouse click away.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Party Invitations

As the party season fast approaches I am pleased to be able to offer these awesome party invitations to help you get the party started.

All I need is a photo to work from and I will design a customised invitation card or you can specify what you want as a party theme or in the background.

Everyone loves a good party and everyone loves these invitations; they look stunning in full colour or, as in the example, with a simple colour theme.

The cards come complete with white envelopes and can also be printed on the reverse in full fact, you could have a double date celebration party card with one person on one side and another person on the other. Now that is unique!

Text can be added to your card or even a map/directions to the party venue.

So, get thinking about your design. What would you like included? Party balloons, streamers, disco lights, ...I can draw anything so it's totally up to you.

I can supply the party invitations artwork only or take care of everything and either post the cards to you or directly to your's that for a time saver!

So, get everyone talking about your party right from the moment the party invitations drop into their mailbox.

Order your party invitations today.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caricature Christmas Cards

Be unique this year and send your very own customised caricature Christmas cards.

Any theme can be drawn or just let me decide for you. All I need is a good quality photo of the person(s) to be drawn. Perhaps you will be cheeky Santa (here he is delivery cases of Stella!!) or perhaps a Sexy Santa?

The artwork will be supplied to you as a high resolution image which you can then take to any local printer to have your cards printed (or even print from home using one of the many kits available)...OR...I can arrange the professional printing of the cards for you.

So, order today and surprise your friends and family this Christmas...!

Family Wedding Caricature

I was asked to produce a family wedding caricature for a client this week and he needed it in a hurry.

He wanted the 3 children to be included in a wooden rowing boat.

This was a really nice caricature to produce and the client was obviously exceptionally happy with the result.

If you have a request for a wedding caricature then please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Quiet Man

One of my favourite films is The Quiet Man so I just had to paint a scene from the film.

The film tells the story of retired boxer Sean Thornton (John Wayne) who returns to his place of birth, Innisfree in Ireland, for a quiet life.

While returning to his old home he comes across the beautiful Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O'Hara) and a comedic courtship follows.

The Quiet Man is renowned for its comedic fight scene where Thornton and his brother-in-law fight over the wedding dowry.

This classic film has been captured in this stunning hand painted scene which is now available on canvas. Order your very own canvas from The Quiet Man today.

Painted Portraits - revive old photos

Turn your old photos into modern day masterpieces with my photo to painting service.

If you have photos that you would like to turn into a canvas or enlarge then they are usually too small or perhaps damaged and may have lost their colour balance.

Using a painting process I will totally repaint your photo on a new canvas which you can then hand on your wall for generations to come.

If you would like to have a background changed, person removed or added, or any other tweaks then this can be done.

These hand painted portraits bring new life to old photos which may just be lying in an old shoebox somewhere.

I also hand paint new photos too. If you would like a family portrait for Christmas then simply send over your photos and I will take care of the rest. If you want a totally unique Christmas gift then look no further. Order your hand painted portrait today.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pet Portraits

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering pet portraits.

We all know that our pets are like one of the family.

Capture your pet today with your very own hand painted pet portrait.

The finished artwork is available as a print, canvas, framed print and electronic form.

Order your pet portrait today and surprise the pet lover in your family.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tom Baker as Dr Who - Portrait on Canvas

The revival of the latest BBC Dr Who series has seen a lot of interest in my Dr Who portraits.

This portrait of Tom Baker as Dr Who has been completed in a painted style complete with an appropriate background for the great Time Lord.

The portrait can be ordered in various sizes on canvas. This is therefore ready to hang.

This would make an ideal Christmas gift for a Dr Who fan.

Order your Tom Baker Dr Who portrait today.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

John Wayne

If you are looking for something totally unique as a Christmas gift then go for a portrait.

My black and white portraits are proving to be extremely popular. This unique gift will capture someone in true style and be a treasure hanging on the wall for generations to come.

The portraits are produced on canvas and can be posted anywhere in the world.

Just contact me with the photo you would like turned into a masterpiece.

Interested in purchasing the John Wayne canvas? Simply contact me at

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

David Tennant

Well, the David Tennant portrait has been finished and it does look fantastic. I seem to have quite a lot of Dr Who fans and a couple absolutely adore David Tennant. It has been great to be able to produce artwork which will be appreciated for many years to come.

If you have a favourite actor, singer, sports personality or any other famous person that you would like painted then just get in touch.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Caricatures from Photos

Expression is everything. Some people make my life so much simpler when they send me great photos to use.

When I draw caricatures from photos the result can be enhanced by having a starting image which captures the expression wanted in the final caricature.

As you can see from the caricature on the left the couple deliberately captured fantastic expressions which have then enhanced the mood of the final caricature.

Remember, all caricatures from photos are hand drawn.

Send in your photos and order a caricature online today.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Golf Caricature

Get your own golf caricature today. The perfect golf gift for the man or woman who is mad keen on golf!

Inject a little humour and have them missing the golf ball when taking their golf swing.

Add a golf bag, golf trolley, golf cart or any other element you wish to in the background...anything is possible!

This golf caricature can be framed or specially mounted for that extra special finish.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Draw Caricatures

I often get asked how to draw caricatures or if I can teach people or provide some caricature workshops.

Every caricature artist has their own style and there are many videos and books available on how to draw caricatures.

I suppose, for me, the best advice is to learn your craft and learn how to use your equipment properly.

I draw my caricatures electronically these days i.e. I use a graphics tablet and computer. Some people say this is 'cheating' but if you can't draw with a pencil then you won't be able to draw with a graphics tablet either. In the same way I used a pencil and paintbrush I now use a digital pencil/paintbrush for my paintings. The only difference is it's a lot cleaner!

Using the graphics tablet proved difficult at first but with constant exercises and challenges it became much easier over time.

Drawing caricatures with a graphics tablet is now a pleasure and I often think that if some of the great artists of past years were alive today they would certainly have a go with a graphics tablet.

I start drawing my caricatures with a basic rough outline and then refine this. A base colour and shading is then completed followed by refinements in shadow and highlights.

You will find some of my portrait work on YouTube. The caricatures are produced in much the same way.

Tim Minchin Caricature

I was recently asked to design a caricature for a young lady who is fanatical about Tim Minchin.

The result of the request was the Tim Minchin caricature you see opposite.

Tim Minchin always plays in his bare feet and is well known for his satirical songs which have often caused some raised eyebrows!

If you would like your own caricature designed with your own hero then order your caricature today.

Remember that all caricatures are hand drawn from your photos.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chef Caricature

This Chef Caricature was a real delight to produce. The expression on the chef's face is priceless and makes for a great caricature.

I always advise clients that a great facial expression will make the caricature even better and that really has come through in this Chef Caricature.

It's also great to see so many customers really thinking about what they want to see in the caricature. Adding extra elements make the caricature much more personal for the 'victim'.

I know that this Chef Caricature certainly did not upset the chef...she was delighted with the outcome.

You can order your very own caricature today. Remember that you can have any theme. My prices include full background and full body all in full colour.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen Tribute Portrait

I have been asked by my Facebook fans to paint a portrait of Elisabeth Sladen aka Sarah Jane from Dr Who who sadly passed away last month.

Work has been slow due to my commitments with other portrait orders but the first few stages have been completed. To review the various painting stages visit the Sarah Jane page on my website.

The background will contain the TARDIS as requested by my fans.

Another 8 hours or so and the portrait should be finished.

Keep checking out the Sarah Jane page for progress of this one-off piece.

If you wish to purchase the portrait of Elisabeth Sladen then please contact me. To commission your own portrait of a friend, family member, or yourself then please visit the portrait order page for further details.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

David Tennant Portrait

For the last couple of days I have been working on a David Tennant portrait following a request from one of my Facebook fans.

There is still some work that needs to be done on the finer details but it is, more or less, complete.

If anyone is interested in purchasing it please get in touch. It will be sold as an original portrait i.e. one only, and will be signed and authenticated as original.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg Speed Painting

Most of my work for the past few months has been on customer orders and I have had little time to paint 'for fun'. As many of you know I love to paint with a photo-realistic style and do a few speed paintings now and again (although it has been a couple of months since my last!).

Anyway, I took a little 'chill' time on Friday and drew Whoopi Goldberg in a salute to her role in Sister Act. I'm still unsure why I chose to paint this one but it was enjoyable.

The painting took about 4 hours and was drawn with my usual tools of the trade: my trusty Apple iMac (oh how I wish I had left the Windows environment years ago...the Mac is just awesome to work with), Wacom 4 graphics tablet, and Photoshop.

I exhibited it at Eumundi today and it received plenty of admiration, despite it only being a quick 'sketch'.

Enjoy! (Feel free to comment)

Out of the mouths of babes

I was up at Eumundi market today exhibiting my work when a little girl approached me. Her mother was engrossed in delving through the trinkets on one of the stalls. The little girl politely asked me "Do you have any balloons?". Unfortunately I had to advise I did not and, being intrigued by the little girl's approach, I asked her how old she was. "I am 3" she replied, "why, how old are you?".

I chuckled a little to which the girl looked at me somewhat puzzled and retorted, "Why are you laughing? I am serious, how old are you?".

What ensued was probably the most meaningful conversation I had all day. This little girl was a charm and brought a smile to my face. If only everyone had her innocence and charm the world would be a better place.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dance like Michael Jackson

Now you can dance like Michael Jackson in your very own Michael Jackson caricature.

The theme for this caricature is, of course, Michael Jackson. It is proving extremely popular for birthday invitations and as birthday gifts...especially for the man who just can't dance!

Order your Michael Jackson caricature today and be assured of raising a laugh when you present it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stargate Caricature

The Stargate caricature is simply stunning. My sci-fi caricatures have proven extremely popular over the years and it is easy to see why.

You can specify any background for your Stargate caricature. Perhaps you would like the Stargate situated on another planet and you being attacked by a Goa'uld...the choice is yours.

Order your Stargate caricature today.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surfer Caricature

I have received quite a few requests to produce surfer caricatures the last few weeks. I even had a customer at Eumundi markets order one yesterday. Remember that I can produce any background or theme you require.

If you are ever at the Eumundi markets then remember to pop along and say hello. It is always great to meet customers and have a chat.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

John Travolta Caricature

The John Travolta dance caricature is now available and proving to be very popular: John Travolta Caricature

The John Travolta Caricature is a colourful dance caricature featuring you dancing like John Travolta in a dashing white suit.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cheryl Cole Speed Painting

I have now started to produce some videos showing the drawing of portraits. I have just added a video of a speed painting of Cheryl Cole from the UK pop group Girls Aloud.

Please visit my YouTube channel for more videos:

The videos are only fairly quick sketches although still show a fair amount of detail. Commissioned portraits are drawn to a much higher level of detail. You can see more portraits here:

Make sure that you enter the free portrait competition. Details are available here:

If you would like to see me draw someone famous then please feel free to get in touch and let me know.