Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Facial Expression

Facial Expression
When sending in your photos to have your caricature produced by it is important to think about the background theme and the facial expression required as this will add impact to the finished caricature.

The caricature on the left shows how the facial expression can really make a caricature come to life.  Imagine if the couple were not as expressive...perhaps not even smiling!  Do you think the caricature would look the same?

The photos that the customer sent in originally did not show these expressions so I advised him to think about the facial expressions they would have if they were on a roller-coaster.  He came back with new photos...ones which added that impact and made for a much more fun caricature.

It is also important that your photos are in-focus, of a good size, well-lit, and actually look like the person to be drawn.  You would be amazed at the number of photos I receive where 2 photos of the same person look totally different!

When you take your photo remember that I need an image taken of the subject facing the camera.  Side shots of the face do not make for great caricatures.

Likewise, do not take the photo from above (make the nose seem big) or from below (gives a double chin!).

Once you have taken your photo then send it to me at full size i.e. do NOT resize for sending the photo via email.

Over the past couple of years I have noticed an increase in the customers trying to use images taken from Facebook profiles.  These are usually far too small to work from.

If you want the caricature to have the best resemblance then a digital camera image is usually the best option.

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