Sunday, April 29, 2012

That Aussie Family

I always remember a face but hardly ever a name.  I guess I am a visual person.  Anyway, I was walking around Eumundi Market a couple of weeks ago and spotted a face I recognised.  It did not click immediately who it was but I knew I had seen her before.  Then I remembered I had drawn a caricature of her and her family last year...and it was That Aussie Family...stars of YouTube.

They are not the only stars I have drawn in recent years.  Many of you will have seen my portrait videos on YouTube including Whoopi Goldberg, Avril Lavigne and Cheryl Cole.  Although these are relatively 'quick' sketches they do provide you with an idea of the sort of likeness that can be achieved.

As well as famous faces I have also produced caricature artwork for many famous companies, including some of the biggest names in the world.

Tetley caricature
Ahhh Tetley
Some of the more well-known companies include Arnotts (love Tim Tams!), Qantas, Manchester Airport (have done a series for them), Stella Artois, oh and one I did for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Theatre Company to celebrate the opening night of Phantom of the Opera.  There are many 100s more and far too many to list here.  

I have great memories of all of these and I never forget a face.  

I was just sorting through my files and thought I would post this caricature I did for Tetley (the tea people) a couple of years ago.  The brief was to draw the guy as a Tetley tea man.  It was a really nice piece to draw as it brought back many memories of the Tetley tea men being on TV.

I think I must have produced around 30 caricatures for the team who head up the marketing for Stella Artois.  They come back each month for a caricature of their manager.

If you would like your own caricature drawn then head on over to

Fishing Caricature

Fishing Caricature
"I think we need
a bigger boat"
Everyone seems to love fishing and what better way to celebrate your chosen sport than with a fishing caricature.

Over the past few years I have painted many fishing caricatures which have been quite funny in their design.

The most popular one at the moment is the fisherman with the shark about to eat him as you can see here.

This guy is so proud posing for the camera that he has yet to notice the shark about to take out his boat!

I thought it was about time I came up with some new designs and so work has started on the latest fishing caricature drafts.

The idea is to have a fisherman happily fishing away.  Meanwhile, a rather large bird is perched right on his boat eating the fish he has just caught.

Fishing Caricature
Gone Fishing
Initial sketches were drawn to get the layout of the caricature correct.  Leaving space for the large head is always a consideration.

After the rough sketches were completed it was then on to the final line art for this piece.  Clean lines, correct positioning of objects, and a balance between humour and telling a story are all evident in this caricature.

Over the next few days (depends how many orders are placed) I'll be doing the colouring for this fishing caricature.

Then it's a case of seeing who would love to have their hand drawn head added to this design.

If you would like to order this artwork then simply place your order via the website at:

There are many other designs available and new designs can always be commissioned and drawn to your exact requirements.

All you need when ordering is a photo of the person to be drawn.  A good expressive shot is always best. The photo should be clear, well focussed, and not be too small.  If you are unsure then just send in the photo and will soon let you know if it is suitable.

So, get in early on this design before it's too late!  Order your very own fishing caricature today.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Caricature Bodies

Muscleman Caricature
Muscleman Caricature
Work has begun on a series of new and quite funny bodies for the caricatures.

I often find that some customers do not know what sort of theme or body they want for their caricature.  I have therefore started work on producing some standard bodies and backgrounds which clients will be able to select for their commissioned work.

There are some great ones coming soon but I thought I would share a sneak preview of what is just around the corner.

The one shown is for a body builder or muscle man.

The body has been drawn extremely large with lots of muscle definition.

The large weights signify the man's strength.

At the bottom you can see a small bird trying to lift the huge weight.

This caricature would suit someone who thinks he is a real strongman or body builder.  It would actually be quite funny for a really skinny bloke too!

The actual head for the caricature will be hand drawn as usual...and too extremely high standards (as always!).  It would actually be cool if the guy was looking down at the bird in disbelief.

Caricature Muscleman Concept
Rough Concepts
The caricature outline started life as a series of rough concept sketches as you can see here.  These were later refined and more detail added before the final line-art was produced.

The next stage will be to colour the caricature and then it is ready to accept a head.  Would you like to be the first to own this unique caricature?

There are many more new and exciting developments happening at signifying why it is one of the top caricature websites on the net.

If you are interested in having your very own custom caricature designed then please contact Patrick at

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Family Caricatures

family caricature

Family caricatures...simply awesome!  Order your very own at

This highly detailed piece was produced for a family who love their music.  Each family member plays their own instrument and together they make a wonderful band.

Each caricature I produce is unique and fully customised to the requirements of each client.  It was an absolute pleasure to be able to deliver this exquisite piece to the customer...he absolutely loved it.

The customer contacted me with the following:

"I would like to get a group character drawing for my wife's birthday. We have 3 girls so there will be 5 people in all. She likes music so i was thinking of a band setting ( 1 singer, 2 guitar, 1 keyboard and 1 drums)... Please advise if this is possible and what I need to do next."

Of course, anything is possible so after a couple of e-mails the caricature was underway.

When producing a piece like this I like to have good quality photos to work from.  The photos do not need to show the whole family in one photo; in fact it is best if individual photos are sent.

Next...expression.  One of the most important factors is to get a good expression in the photo.  Capture their personality in the image if you can.  This then translates really well to the final artwork.

Once you have the photos and an idea of what you require you just need to let me know what you are thinking of.  Write everything down in an e-mail and read through it to make sure you list what you want.

From there I will begin a simple layout of how things will fit together.  Sometimes I will make suggestions and other times the client may leave it totally up to me to decide.

Whatever you want it can be drawn!

A family caricature is a great way to celebrate your life together.  It's a fun way to remember how you all looked at the time.  

The final artwork can be produced on any medium you require although the framed caricatures are extremely popular because they look so stunning.  Another option is the mounted print which is scratch and UV protected.

After the artwork has been hand drawn (that's photo manipulations or scans!) it is sent to a professional lab for an exhibition quality finish.  Your completed artwork will last for generations.  Just imagine your great grandchildren admiring your family caricature in years to come.

So, order your very own unique and fully customised family caricature today.  When your friends come over for dinner it will be the talk of the evening!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Hunger Games Caricature

The Hunger Games has been a massive hit and so was this Hunger Games style caricature for one of my recent clients. Order your caricature here:

She asked for something to reflect The Hunger Games and I obliged with this stunning caricature.

In order to research the caricature I went to see the film a couple of weeks ago. The client also provided some detailed requirements:

My Fiance, Alvin, is currently obsessed with the Hunger Games Books and Movie (I'm not sure if you're familiar with it. But it's the new box office hit and literary craze), so I thought it would a great gift idea to give him a "Hunger Games" themed caricature for our anniversary (6 April).

Attached is his photo. I couldn't seem to find a photo of just him where he was fully facing forward. I hope this photo will suffice.

I had two ideas for the caricature background/theme:

1. Similar to the movie poster where he is a caricature of one of the movie characters - Dressed in army green cargo pants, a black t-shirt and black combat boots in an area full of people, with a flaming mockingjay in the background (Please refer to Hunger Games Poster pic attached). The photo I attached is quite detailed with the pictures of the main characters on flags - you could dispense with these details. I'd prefer to keep it simple anyway -Have Alvin's caricature in the foreground, a crowd on the side and the mockingjay in the background. His eyes are brown.


2. Forest background - Dressed in army green cargo pants, a black t-shirt and combat boots (Please refer to pic attached). However, I want him to have a mockingjay pinned on the left breast of his shirt (pic with the details of the mockingjay attached for reference) or a mockingjay in the background. His Eyes are brown.

In either instance, the inclusion of the mockingjay will make the Hunger Games theme evident. I don't mind either one. I'll leave it up to your expertise to determine which is best.


Hi Patrick,

I just wanted to say thank you for the phenomenal caricature! My Fiance loved it and was really impressed with the detail of the drawing.

Many thanks,


Monday, April 2, 2012

Roller Coaster Fun

This roller coaster caricature was created to celebrate the 50th birthday of the acknowledgement of life's ups and downs and how much fun it can be along the way.

When they first sent through their photos the expressions were not good enough...plain smiles. I advised that if on a roller coaster then their expressions would be a lot more dramatic. The second set were excellent and I think you will agree that the expressions really make this caricature come alive.

Order your very own custom caricature today at

Wedding Caricature - Save The Date

Wedding caricatures are always a favourite and I often get asked to create 'Save the Date' cards.

The caricature you see here was created for a couple who wanted Save the Date cards...the message in the banner was actually changed before uploading here but it included the main dates and a message from the couple.

The theme they chose was a Mexican wedding theme, hence the sombrero, poncho and other mexican references.

If you would like to order your own save the date cards then visit

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wedding Newspaper

The Wedding Newspaper is a favourite with the guests at the wedding. Tell your own unique story with a wedding newspaper.

Place the wedding newspaper on the tables for all your guests to read. Tell the tales of how the bride and groom met, how the best man was chosen, where the honeymoon will be, plus other stories.

Your wedding newspaper will be a really special memory of your special wedding day.

Order your wedding newspaper today by contacting me at

Framed Caricatures

The framed caricatures are extremely popular and it is easy to see why.

First of all, the caricature is produced to very high standards with amazing likeness to the person.

Next, the artwork is produced onto archival exhibition quality paper designed to last for over 75 years.

Then the print is carefully mounted in a professional quality frame to give an exceptional finish.

The caricature featured on the left was for one of my many corporate customers.