Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unique Christmas Gift

Looking for a unique Christmas gift?

Family Caricature
When it comes to the gift of giving it seems that everyone wants to give a unique gift and show that at least some thought has gone into it.

However, the yearly handkerchiefs, sweaters, socks, perfumes .... can all stink (pun intended) of desperation.

Golf Caricature
A caricature is a unique gift that requires some thought on your part.  You decide on what you would like in the background and have an opportunity to come up with something really unusual that will be the talk of the Christmas parties and family get-togethers.

All you need to supply is a photo of the person to be painted and a description of what you would like in the background.

In order to make the caricature really 'pop' you should include various references to special items, words, places that are commonly associated with the person being featured.

Does the person wear any particular clothing (or lack of clothing!)?

Do they have a favourite colour?

What job do they do?

What are their hobbies?

Have they been involved in any funny situations or accidents?

Have a really good think about the things you would like to see in the caricature and help make it a really personal and unique gift.

I will then begin the production of your unique caricature using your references.

Once the caricature artwork has been completed it can be printed, mounted, framed, or even put onto canvas...the decision is yours.

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