Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding Caricatures

I get asked to produce wedding caricatures all the time over at  There are many styles available and anything can be drawn in the background.

This example wedding caricature was completed recently for a couple who wanted to include the wedding car in the caricature.

I often get requests to include the wedding car and this is not a problem.

This particular caricature was actually for their 1st wedding anniversary.  As you may recall the first wedding anniversary is represented by paper.

Many couples use a caricature as a signing board as guests arrive.  The usual thing is to produce the caricature in a frame with white mount and get the guests to sign the mount.

Some other couples use their wedding caricature as small gifts on the tables.  Simply request smaller prints to be produced and you can give these out at the wedding to guests.  

All I need in order to complete your wedding caricature is a good quality photo of the bride and groom and a description of what you would like to be drawn in the background.

Remember that these also make great gifts for the best man, bridesmaids, or anyone else who is part of the big day.

Some couples opt for a 'fun' caricature theme and have themselves doing crazy things in the artwork...not necessarily drawn wearing the usual wedding attire.  Anything is possible.

So, head on over to and order your very own wedding caricature today.

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