Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Girl Who Has Everything

It is quite easy to come up with something a little amusing but not too offensive when producing my extremely popular caricatures.  

It's usually that little gem of a sentence in the description that sparks the creative juices and helps develop a theme. 

This one was created for the typical girl who has everything.

She was about to embark on a camping / hiking trip and, for a girl like this, it is important to bring along those essential items: shoes, clothes, makeup.  I am sure that everyone knows a girl just like this!

However, a girl such as this should never be expected to carry her own bag...or in this case...9 bags.  She's only bringing the essentials after all!  I do worry about those white shoes in all that mud though.

So she has some 'volunteers' to help her.  They look happy, don't they!

If you are after a caricature for someone such as this then I can definitely come up with something suitable.  It's easy to get your message across in a fun way.

The caricatures are hand drawn from a photo you email in.  It is important to send in a photo that captures the expression you want in the final caricature.  As you can see from this example the girl looks very happy.  And why wouldn't she be...after all, she has the guys doing all the work.

Once you send in your photo and description work will begin on producing your caricature.  You can request anything you want in the background and the more things that are particular to the 'victim' the more the caricature will have that personal touch and say that you have truly thought about this unique gift.

Once the artwork has been completed you can request a proof to be sent via email before the final print is produced.

These caricatures can be printed any size up to about 1 metre although some customers have printed larger and one has actually used theirs in a cinema as part of some advertising.

The caricature prints can be finished in various ways including professional print (all prints are completed by a professional lab ...these are not cheap inkjet prints), mounted print, framed (the frame is made-to-measure with full mount), acrylic block, canvas, and other products on request.

All products are shipped via Express Post across Australia and through your preferred carrier when shipped worldwide.

Order your caricature now over at www.DrawMe.com.au and delight someone you care about with a truly unique gift that everyone will be talking about.

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