Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dr Who Caricature

The Dr Who caricature is one of the popular caricatures produced over at

Many customers opt to include the TARDIS and even a dalek as shown in the caricature above.

Anything can be included in the background.

All I require is a good quality photo of the face to be drawn and a description of what you would like in the background.

The caricature is then hand drawn to very high standards and with amazing likeness to the original photo.

Below you can see the overlay (click on it to enlarge) of the original photo all the way to the finished caricature.  Remember, these are hand drawn and not photo manipulations.

There are many sizes and finishes available including electronic print, canvas, standard print, mounted, framed, acrylic block, etc

Most customers opt for the popular 12" x 18" or 16" x 24" although absolutely any custom size can be created for you.

Order your caricature today at

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