Saturday, February 15, 2014

A busy start

It has been a hectic start to 2014 at with a huge volume of caricature orders, especially groups and Valentine's Day orders.

The next busy period is about to commence with many customers ordering wedding caricatures.

Over the last year I have noticed that the quality of photos being sent in has deteriorated. The proliferation of phones with cameras either means that people are just not worried about getting a good shot (as we had to when using film cameras) or the quality of the hardware is quite poor. What are your thoughts? I personally think it is a combination of the two. 

Digital cameras transformed photography. Digital cameras on phones have taken things to a whole new level. Nearly everyone carries a phone with a camera. This provides plenty of opportunity to capture moments we would have been unable to a few years ago. Unfortunately this has led to poor quality images with often blurred or out-of-focus faces. The lack of a camera flash means that images are often dark and very noisy.

As always, I try to work my magic with the images sent in. Experience allows me to often use the poorest of images. However, if you can capture a high resolution image of the face to be drawn, ensuring a good expression, then the result will often be far superior.

Many customers inform me that they want the caricature for a surprise gift. Great. I presume you would prefer to give a caricature that is of the highest quality based on a good quality image? So, take time a send over a photo that will allow me to produce an exceptional piece of artwork for you.

Please feel free to send over your images for a pre-order check. I will quickly let you know if they are suitable.

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