Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Facial Expression

Facial Expression
When sending in your photos to have your caricature produced by it is important to think about the background theme and the facial expression required as this will add impact to the finished caricature.

The caricature on the left shows how the facial expression can really make a caricature come to life.  Imagine if the couple were not as expressive...perhaps not even smiling!  Do you think the caricature would look the same?

The photos that the customer sent in originally did not show these expressions so I advised him to think about the facial expressions they would have if they were on a roller-coaster.  He came back with new photos...ones which added that impact and made for a much more fun caricature.

It is also important that your photos are in-focus, of a good size, well-lit, and actually look like the person to be drawn.  You would be amazed at the number of photos I receive where 2 photos of the same person look totally different!

When you take your photo remember that I need an image taken of the subject facing the camera.  Side shots of the face do not make for great caricatures.

Likewise, do not take the photo from above (make the nose seem big) or from below (gives a double chin!).

Once you have taken your photo then send it to me at full size i.e. do NOT resize for sending the photo via email.

Over the past couple of years I have noticed an increase in the customers trying to use images taken from Facebook profiles.  These are usually far too small to work from.

If you want the caricature to have the best resemblance then a digital camera image is usually the best option.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me via my website at

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rock Star Caricature

The rock star caricature is one of the most recent additions to the standard caricature bodies completed.  It joins a whole host of bodies and backgrounds available over at

I will take you through the process of drawing the body so you can see the level of thought and detail that goes into the production of these highly sought-after caricatures and portraits.

Remember that my work is not the quick sketch style of caricature but rather a detailed piece of artwork in full colour (or black and white) which is produced to an outstanding level of detail and with a likeness to the person being drawn that is rarely seen.

The rock star caricature started life as a hand drawn rough sketch using a pencil on paper as you can see from the image to the left.

The idea was to produce a fairly punk type of rock star / singer with a mix of gold chains, ripped jeans, big boots, studded wrist bands etc.  A bit of a fusion of the different things many of us would associate with a rock star or modern day singer.

This is the stage where the body proportions are identified and concepts tested.

The next step in the production is to produce the clean line art.  I use either Photoshop or Illustrator as my main tool.

Both programs are used extensively during the production process but it must be pointed out that, at no stage, are photo manipulations used.  This work is all hand drawn and painted.

The finished line art is now ready for the colouring process.

This process is where the caricature body begins to spring to life.

The addition of colour and shading adds depth to the image.  Identifying source lighting, shading areas, highlights, hue, saturation, amongst others helps to give some character to the image.

I use Photoshop as my main colouring tool.

Each individual area of the caricature body is treated separately so that colour change in the future is very easy to do.  This means that a client can request a colour change to any part of the image e.g. changing the jeans to red or the shirt to blue.

Once the colouring has been completed it is time to add the head.  See my previous post here for details on how I produce the head.

The head is placed in an appropriate position to match the body pose.

It is important that you send in a good photo when ordering your caricature.  Identify a photo with a good expression.  Ensure the photo is of a good size, is in focus and is lit well.  A front facing photo will provide a much easier option when it comes to body choice...I can do much more with it.

When you place your order you can specify the background you would like to see in the caricature.  This can be anything you wish.

Some customers opt for very busy backgrounds with lots of elements associated with the person.  Other customers opt for a very clean background so that the emphasis is on the caricature body and face.

Think about what you would like in your caricature background.  Feel free to ask questions if you are unsure.

The final stage of the caricature production usually involves some final touches.

I add some shadows to the caricature and fix up any areas that need a few tweaks.

The caricature is now ready for printing.

After final checks have been completed the caricature artwork is sent off to a professional print lab for printing and any mounting required.  Framing options are also available with all frames coming from a professional framing shop which produces exhibition quality frames.

I do not produce prints in-house as I can't match the professional quality of the external print lab.

So, order your caricature now and get ready to receive your very own stunning piece of artwork.

Head on over to to order your very own caricature, a stunning piece of artwork ready to grace any wall in your home.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unique Christmas Gift

Looking for a unique Christmas gift?

Family Caricature
When it comes to the gift of giving it seems that everyone wants to give a unique gift and show that at least some thought has gone into it.

However, the yearly handkerchiefs, sweaters, socks, perfumes .... can all stink (pun intended) of desperation.

Golf Caricature
A caricature is a unique gift that requires some thought on your part.  You decide on what you would like in the background and have an opportunity to come up with something really unusual that will be the talk of the Christmas parties and family get-togethers.

All you need to supply is a photo of the person to be painted and a description of what you would like in the background.

In order to make the caricature really 'pop' you should include various references to special items, words, places that are commonly associated with the person being featured.

Does the person wear any particular clothing (or lack of clothing!)?

Do they have a favourite colour?

What job do they do?

What are their hobbies?

Have they been involved in any funny situations or accidents?

Have a really good think about the things you would like to see in the caricature and help make it a really personal and unique gift.

I will then begin the production of your unique caricature using your references.

Once the caricature artwork has been completed it can be printed, mounted, framed, or even put onto canvas...the decision is yours.

Order your caricature today at

Speed Painting Avril Lavigne

I have just uploaded an updated (faster) video of my speed painting of Avril Lavigne.

You can view it now via this link: Speed Painting Avril Lavigne

Although the painting process took a couple of hours the video only last a couple of minutes.  So, you get to see the complete painting process in super-fast time!

This speed painting is only a quick painting of Avril Lavigne and is not to the level of detail I would produce my high definition portraits.  Indeed, there would be quite a lot of work still left to do on this portrait to get it to what I usually class as a decent level of likeness.

I have only created this quick portrait in black and white and have not gone for a full colour due to time constraints.  I have not added any texturing to the face or any smaller details.  This is, in effect, a very quick painting!

If you would like to order your own portrait then visit for more details or contact me.

I am always looking for 'models' to have their portraits drawn for free so please feel free to get in touch.  Basically I need a good photo of ANYONE who is willing to be painted and feature in an educational video.  I only need your other posing or commitment required.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brad and Angelina Caricatures

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie caricatures...probably one of the most recognisable Hollywood couples around today and definite Hollywood A-listers.

Celebrity gossip suggests that the couple will be travelling the world this Christmas...along with their six children.

The couple only have a couple of weeks to squeeze in their tour and that not the only thing they may be squeezing in.

Rumour around Hollywood circles is that the couple will be saying 'I do' somewhere along the way.  That's right, Brad and Angelina may be getting married.

Good luck to the couple if they do get hitched.

If you are looking for your very own exaggerated caricatures for your own wedding couple then head on over to

You can specify anything you want in the background so let your imagination run riot.

All I require in order to produce your caricatures is a good quality head shot of each person to be painted.

So, don't delay...order your unique gift now at and know that your wedding gift will be the talk of the town.

The Girl Who Has Everything

It is quite easy to come up with something a little amusing but not too offensive when producing my extremely popular caricatures.  

It's usually that little gem of a sentence in the description that sparks the creative juices and helps develop a theme. 

This one was created for the typical girl who has everything.

She was about to embark on a camping / hiking trip and, for a girl like this, it is important to bring along those essential items: shoes, clothes, makeup.  I am sure that everyone knows a girl just like this!

However, a girl such as this should never be expected to carry her own bag...or in this case...9 bags.  She's only bringing the essentials after all!  I do worry about those white shoes in all that mud though.

So she has some 'volunteers' to help her.  They look happy, don't they!

If you are after a caricature for someone such as this then I can definitely come up with something suitable.  It's easy to get your message across in a fun way.

The caricatures are hand drawn from a photo you email in.  It is important to send in a photo that captures the expression you want in the final caricature.  As you can see from this example the girl looks very happy.  And why wouldn't she be...after all, she has the guys doing all the work.

Once you send in your photo and description work will begin on producing your caricature.  You can request anything you want in the background and the more things that are particular to the 'victim' the more the caricature will have that personal touch and say that you have truly thought about this unique gift.

Once the artwork has been completed you can request a proof to be sent via email before the final print is produced.

These caricatures can be printed any size up to about 1 metre although some customers have printed larger and one has actually used theirs in a cinema as part of some advertising.

The caricature prints can be finished in various ways including professional print (all prints are completed by a professional lab ...these are not cheap inkjet prints), mounted print, framed (the frame is made-to-measure with full mount), acrylic block, canvas, and other products on request.

All products are shipped via Express Post across Australia and through your preferred carrier when shipped worldwide.

Order your caricature now over at and delight someone you care about with a truly unique gift that everyone will be talking about.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Star Wars Caricatures

Star Wars caricatures are always a firm favourite over at

The caricature above was created for a family of 4 and shows the stunning clarity and attention to detail.

Whether you want to be features as Luke Skywalker from Episode IV:  A New Hope or the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader, the choice is yours.

I can still remember watching Star Wars for the first time at the cinema.  That opening scene was just epic.

Now you can capture some of that magic and have your very own caricature created in the Star Wars type theme.

All I require is a good quality photo of the person to be drawn and a description of what you would like in the background.

Disney had now purchased the rights to the Star Wars franchise and work is underway on the latest version of Star Wars Episode VII.

Order your caricature today at

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to draw an ear

When drawing portraits my work goes through many stages of development.  Producing high definition portraits can take many hours of work.

In this blog entry I show you the various stages of producing a simple ear.  Note that this is NOT high definition and my portrait work would be to much greater detail.

I have assumed you understand how to use Photoshop and layers, brushes etc.  If you are a complete novice then you may still find this tutorial useful.  If you would like to see a tutorial for complete beginners then please feel free to contact me via my website at or leave a comment at the end of the tutorial and I will get back to you.

You can click on each of the images below to see a larger version.

The first thing to do is to produce an outline sketch of an ear.  Many artists use a source image but I find that I do not need to do this anymore.  If you are just a beginner then I would recommend finding a good source image and using it as the basis of your painting.

There are various methods available to help you get the image proportions correct.  You could simply trace over the source image (I don't think this will help you long term but it is a start).  Another method is to divide the image into a grid and draw what you see in each square.  Most drawing programs come with a grid option so it should be fairly easy to set up.

No matter which method you use just be patient and ensure you get this very important stage correct.

This stage is all about proportions.  Your drawing will probably look like a child has drawn it...that's OK.

I usually like to add a base colour and as you can see I have chosen a mid-tone grey colour.

I also increased the contrast on my line sketch so that I could see it above the base colour.

This simple drawing of the ear will not require many layers but it is a good idea to become comfortable with your drawing layers.

My sketch layer always sits on top and is locked.

I now lay down some block shading colours.

This is very similar to the underpainting stage when painting in oils on canvas.

All I am doing is identifying the dark and light regions and shading them accordingly.

I use a hard brush and 100% opacity to start and then switch to a softer brush.

The ear should now look as if it is starting to take some form although it will still look very rough.

Do not be discouraged at this stage if it looks as if your 5 year old daughter can draw better than will soon come together!

During this stage I reduce the opacity and flow of my brush and just start to define some more areas of the ear by selecting more grey tones between the shadows and highlights.

I have also added some shading around the ear just to make it look as if it is on the side of a face.

Again, the image will still look extremely rough.

At this stage I have 3 layers:

 - my background layer
 - my shading layer
 - my sketch layer

I have now hidden my sketch layer as I have enough definition of the ear from the first few steps so see a clearly defined ear.

Some artists will leave their sketch layer and some will even merge it into their shading layer and paint over it.

Since I am only producing a simple ear and I am not worried about its likeness to a client's ear I just removed the sketch layer.

STEPS 6 - 9
Over the next hour or so (it all depends on the quality you want) it is time to start refining the shading and definition of the ear.

I tend to use a soft brush with a low opacity and flow.  The settings will vary depending on how much of a blend between shades I require.

This process can be quite time consuming, especially if you want quite a smooth blend between the various shades you have used.

Some artists like to see the brush strokes in their work but I add texturing in later stages so I prefer to work on the painting until it is fairly smooth and has been blended to a good standard.

Since this is just an example tutorial I have only spent about 15 minutes on it.

This is reaching a stage of fairly good blending between the shades and I am happy enough to stop here.

If this was for a full HD portrait for a client then I would be continuing with the blending and softening of the transitions between the shading.

Once you are happy with you ear then move on to the next step which is colouring.

The colouring process is extremely simple now that the shading has been completed.

Add a new layer on top of your shading layer and set the blend mode to colour.

Now select a suitable skin colour to use as the base layer and begin to colour.

The next few stages involve adding depth to the colour.

Add a new layer and set the blend mode to multiply.  Now paint over the areas of the ear you want to have a deeper colour.

Add a new layer and set the blend mode to overlay and add some highlight areas.

Feel free to keep adding more layers until you are happy.

Adjust the opacity of the layers as required.

I have added a few small blood vessels running through the ear.  You may need to click on the image to the left to see these fine details.

I added a new layer on the top and selected a hard 1 pixel brush with a deep red colour and painted in the fine details.

Adjust the opacity of your brush or the layer or even erase with a soft eraser if you add too many or if they are too obvious.

I then added a few fine hairs.

Add a new layer and select a hard brush with an off-white colour and begin to paint in your fine hairs.

You may need to adjust the brush settings or use a soft eraser with low opacity to remove a few of the more obvious hairs.

I have not painted this ear in much detail and have completed it fairly quickly and with no client reference.  I also added a quick bit of hair and skin texture to the face but not in any usual detail.

My High Definition Portraits are completed to a much higher level of detail but, for the sake of this tutorial, I have kept the process fairly simple.

Please feel free to contact me via my website at or leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Your Portrait Painted FREE

Would you like your portrait drawn for FREE?

I am looking for volunteers to provide a high quality photo to be used to demo the portrait drawing techniques I use.  Simply contact me via or my Facebook fan page at if you are interested.

This is a truly unique opportunity to have your portrait painted in high definition by a respected artist and award-winning teacher.


If you are one of the lucky people selected your photo will be used as I record my high definition portrait painting technique for an educational video for aspiring artists.

The photo you send must be of high quality as I will be using it to demonstrate a high definition portrait painting technique.  This technique shows every detail being drawn to incredible detail.  The actual finished portrait is often mistaken for a photo it is so detailed.

The photo must have been taken with a digital camera in good lighting conditions (preferably no amateur flash), well focussed, good expression etc.

Send the photo(s) to me as an email attachment to my email address.  You can also contact me via my Facebook page at


I will be using the selected photo(s) to paint a high definition portrait while capturing each painting stroke in real time on video.

The video will be made available online and/or through DVD for educational and promotional purposes.  This will include use in the classroom to show students how to use Photoshop to paint portraits.

The video will be available as a series of 'lessons' and your photo will probably feature in all aspects of the video.

A copy of the video will be made available to you if you wish although you may prefer a speed painting version of the video.  This is where I will take the video and speed it up so that the hours of footage becomes a few minutes.

You will be sent a high resolution digital copy of the completed portrait so that you may print as many copies as you wish, have it mounted onto canvas etc.


If you are interested in taking part in this project then please contact me via my website at or my Facebook fan page at

Once I receive all photos a few checks on quality will be made before those selected are notified.

Please note that the photo will be used for a high definition portrait not a caricature.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to draw faces

The image above shows the stages that I go through when drawing a caricature face.

The first step is the outline of the face and this is a very important step as it helps to define the actual likeness of the person being drawn.

I first draw a standard thickness line base and then go over each line adjusting the thickness to suit the part of the face being drawn e.g. some of the wrinkle lines will be thinner than other areas of the face.

The second step is the blocking in of the base skin colour.  It is important to establish a good base colour...usually a medium skin tone.

The next step is to graduate the skin colour and start to refine the shape of the face. The use of darker and lighter skin colours will help to define the contours of the face.

My next step is usually the eyes.  The eyes are an extremely important part of the face, especially as it is the eyes that we tend to look at when speaking to someone.

I give the eyes a base white colour before painting in the iris and pupils etc.  It is important to note that the whites of the eyes are not exactly white...more of a dirty white / grey colour.

The mouth is the next stage and one that can take the most time, especially if teeth need to be painted.

One the main features of the face have been completed it is then on to the hair and facial hair if required.

The final touches are usually some highlights in the face, particularly around the eyes and cheeks.  Some highlights are also added to the hair, lips, and nose.

It is amazing how much of a difference a few subtle highlights can make to the overall quality of the caricature.

Although the bulk of my work is based on the painting of caricatures I also produce high definition portraits.  The workflow is a little similar to the caricature work although the are a few more stages and a lot more detail.

Head on over to to see many more examples of the caricatures and portraits.

Couples caricatures

I frequently get asked to produce caricatures for couples and for many reasons including weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, friendships etc.

Sometimes I am asked to include a car, pet, or other notable item in the scene.  No problem.

The caricature above was created to celebrate a wedding.  The client advised that the car, A Ford Falcon GT, was being used at the wedding.  The pet dog was also required in the final caricature.

Any items can be included in a caricature design.  All that is required is a little imagination and a description of what is required.

The turnaround time for a caricature can be as little as a few hours although it is always a good idea to order in plenty of time before the big day. is an established business and has earned a reputation for producing high quality caricatures and portraits, not only with individual clients but also with other caricature artists.  

Caricature artwork can be used in many ways.  A digital form can be used on websites, emails, blogs, social network sites etc.  Prints can be framed or mounted or even printed in smaller versions and used as gifts at weddings...what a great momento!

Many clients become repeat customers.  Remember that once a face has been drawn it can be used again in another scene.  So, many customers come back at Christmas for Christmas designs.

Order your caricature today.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Speed Painting by Patrick Morrow

Speed Painting: there are a few definitions of this kind of art on the internet but the one commonly associated with speed painting is where an image is drawn and all strokes are captured with a video camera or screen capture utility.

The video is then accelerated to many times its normal speed so that hours of footage can be watched in just a few minutes.

My Whoopi Goldberg portrait speed painting is an example of this process.  You can watch it below or click on this link.

The actual painting process took me about 3 hours and it was enjoyable to begin with.  The black on the habit was a bit tedious as there was not much variation.

It's amazing how quickly the likeness comes together when painting these portraits.  Within a minute or so of watching the video you can immediately tell who it is supposed to be.

All my work is recorded directly from my iMac using QuickTime Player and then imported into iMovie and/or Premiere for some video acceleration.

During 2013 I hope to produce more speed painting videos.  If you would like to be the star of a speed painting video then contact me via my website at

Yes, you could be starring in a YouTube speed painting video.  All I require is a good quality photo to work from.

Feel free to tell your friends and pass this limited time special offer on to them.

One winner will be selected to be the star.

Wedding Caricature

Click to enlarge
My wedding caricatures are extremely popular with young and old(er)! You can order any style over at

All I require is photo of each face and a description of what you would like drawn in the background.

Each caricature is hand drawn to your specifications and can include anything you wish in the background.

Some couples use the wedding caricatures as wedding invitations or little favours to add to tables.  Each guest can then receive their own copy of the wedding caricature.

The first wedding anniversary theme is paper so some couples use a caricature print as a wedding gift.

Caricatures can also be inserted into a themed wedding newspaper.  Send me the details of how you met, a few interesting stories (even funny stories!) and I will create your very own wedding newspaper.

The caricature always prove to be a hit at the wedding with guests talking about the artwork rather than how drunk Uncle Ted is.

You can also purchase gifts for the best man and bridesmaids.  Hey would you like to see your mother-in-law drawn?

Remember that any theme can be designed for you so you are not limited to a specific wedding can have anything you want.

The caricature prints can be enlarged to around 1 metre so are ideal as banners or posters too.

You can even use your caricature as a guest signing in board.  Opt for the framed caricature and you will receive a white mount that guests can sign.  It's then just a case of inserting the print and mount in the frame and you will have a totally unique momento of the big day.

Order your wedding caricature now at

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dr Who Caricature

The Dr Who caricature is one of the popular caricatures produced over at

Many customers opt to include the TARDIS and even a dalek as shown in the caricature above.

Anything can be included in the background.

All I require is a good quality photo of the face to be drawn and a description of what you would like in the background.

The caricature is then hand drawn to very high standards and with amazing likeness to the original photo.

Below you can see the overlay (click on it to enlarge) of the original photo all the way to the finished caricature.  Remember, these are hand drawn and not photo manipulations.

There are many sizes and finishes available including electronic print, canvas, standard print, mounted, framed, acrylic block, etc

Most customers opt for the popular 12" x 18" or 16" x 24" although absolutely any custom size can be created for you.

Order your caricature today at

Wedding Caricatures

I get asked to produce wedding caricatures all the time over at  There are many styles available and anything can be drawn in the background.

This example wedding caricature was completed recently for a couple who wanted to include the wedding car in the caricature.

I often get requests to include the wedding car and this is not a problem.

This particular caricature was actually for their 1st wedding anniversary.  As you may recall the first wedding anniversary is represented by paper.

Many couples use a caricature as a signing board as guests arrive.  The usual thing is to produce the caricature in a frame with white mount and get the guests to sign the mount.

Some other couples use their wedding caricature as small gifts on the tables.  Simply request smaller prints to be produced and you can give these out at the wedding to guests.  

All I need in order to complete your wedding caricature is a good quality photo of the bride and groom and a description of what you would like to be drawn in the background.

Remember that these also make great gifts for the best man, bridesmaids, or anyone else who is part of the big day.

Some couples opt for a 'fun' caricature theme and have themselves doing crazy things in the artwork...not necessarily drawn wearing the usual wedding attire.  Anything is possible.

So, head on over to and order your very own wedding caricature today.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tetley Tea Bags Caricature

I was just sorting through a few files when I came across a caricature I produced last year for Tetley (yes, the tea bag people).

The request was to produce one of their retiring workers as a Tetley Tea Man (do you remember the adverts?)

This was a simple caricature to do and I loved the nice clean lines and cartoon like feel of it.

The thing I remember about this one is that he was not wearing glasses so a request came back to add them in...I think it was a good move as it just sets of the caricature nicely.

Remember that any theme can be drawn and you are not limited to those shown on the website (

All I require is a good quality head shot to work from and a description of what you would like in the background.

All artwork is hand drawn from scratch and is produced to professional standards.

Top Quality Photoshop Tutorials

Are you looking for some top quality Photoshop tutorials delivered by an award-winning teacher?

My name is Patrick Morrow and I am a digital artist and award-winning teacher.

Having searched the internet for top-quality tutorials and after wading through a heap of extremely poor videos I have decided it's time to use my skills as an award-winning teacher together with my love of art to produce something I hope will benefit others.

So, if you are looking for some easy to follow Photoshop tutorials please add a comment below about the sort of thing you are looking for.

There are many Photoshop tutorials available on the net but most are too long, miss important steps, or have very poor sound quality or voiceovers.

Over the coming months I will be offering a series of Photoshop tutorials, all of which will be HD quality (yes, you will be able to see what is happening!) together with quality audio.

I'll be letting you view some of my tips and tricks for using Photoshop effectively.

I'll take you through, step by step, how to produce some stunning effects.

Although the Photoshop tutorials will be free I would be interested to hear from anyone who would be willing to pay a small fee for premium tutorials with support.

Would you like to improve your Photoshop skills?  How do you prefer to learn?  Are you a visual learner?  Do you prefer to learn by doing?  Let me know.

Photoshop has come a long way over the years and is an extremely powerful tool for the production of many creations including 3D, animations, portraits, book covers, etc.

Many of the images you see on TV and in print have usually been through some Photoshop process.

During the tutorials I will take you through the basics before introducing more advanced functions.

Each tutorial can be watched in isolation or as part of a series.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Mounted Prints

Looking for a special way to display your prints?  Mounted prints are proving to be very popular due to the high quality and protection provided for the print.

This soccer themed graduation caricature was produced for a customer who wanted to recognise her brother's achievements in graduating from his pharmacy course.

The description was as follows:

Hope you are well! Just wanted to order a caricature for my brother. His is graduating from university this year. 

I would like him to be in a Manchester United soccer kit kicking a soccer ball. I would like him to be wearing a graduation hat and in one hand a book (with pharmacy graduate written on it) and in the other hand the FIFA world cup trophy.   He has dark brown eyes.    

Thanks heaps.

The final caricature is displayed above (click to enlarge).

All caricatures are drawn by hand to a high level of detail and can then be produced in various finishes including print, canvas, mounted, framed, acrylic block, etc

This customer chose the mounted caricature print which has a stunning finish to it.  The print is produced in the normal way and is then mounted onto 20mm foamcore and then protected with a special textured layer which protects the print from UV, scratching etc.  The mounted prints are a fantastic way to finish off any caricature.  All mounted prints come ready to hang and do not require any framing although a frame can be added if required.

The mounted prints are also very light and do not have any glare associated with other mounting processes.

All I require in order to draw your caricature is a photo of the person to be drawn and a description of what you require in the caricature.

Before the print is produced you will have an opportunity to review a pre-print electronic copy for any final amendments.

Once you are happy with the caricature the printing and mounting process will commence.

The final mounted print is sent via Express Post.

You can see an example of the mounted print below.

You have a choice of a black or white central core.  A mounting hanger is attached to the rear of the core allowing for easy hanging of your masterpiece!

Various sizes are available from the small 6" x 4" right through to 24" x 36".

Order your mounted print today over at

Monday, December 3, 2012

David Beckham going to Australia

Rumour has it that David Beckham will be coming to Australia as a guest player in the Australian A-League.

Beckham has just helped LA Galaxy to a second MLS Cup.

The lure of Australia is facing stiff opposition from Europe with QPR, Paris St-Germain and Monaco interested.

There is also believed to be interest from Brazil, China and South Korea.

Australian sides in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney are all said to be interested in securing the services of Beckham.

With the publicity following Beckham it is no surprise that so many clubs are all keen to secure the star player.

The caricature on the left was designed by following the rumours that Beckham may be coming to Australia.

Other soccer caricatures are available on the website.

Order your own caricature today.

Graduation Caricatures

Graduation caricatures make an ideal gift and momento of the special day.

All that is required is a photo of the person to be drawn and a description of what you would like in the background.

Each graduation caricature is unique and is hand-drawn by an extremely talented artist.

Any size of caricature can be drawn from the small photo-size to a large poster over 2 metres in length.

Caricatures can also be finished in many mediums including the popular canvas, standard print, mounted, framed, acrylic block, ...anything that can be printed on.

Patrick Morrow over at is a specialist in producing top quality caricatures and portraits.  Just read the 100s of feedback entries from his very happy customers.

A graduation ceremony is a unique occasion and commissioning a hand-drawn caricature is a unique way to remember the day.

All graduation caricatures are hand drawn in full colour and to extremely high standards.  The photo-likeness is amazing.

These graduation caricatures are an inexpensive and novel way to capture the importance of the day.

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Whoopi Goldberg Portrait

I produced a painting of Whoopi Goldberg a while ago.

I decided to paint a black and white portrait and wanted a suitable subject...what better than a nun...and what better nun than Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act.

The painting took me a little over 2 hours and I videod the whole thing for you to watch. Don't's not 2 hours long...only just over 5 minutes. (see end of page for video)

After I completed the painting I decided to see what it would be like in colour and have included the image on the left.

If you would like to order your own portrait then feel free to contact me or visit the portrait order page for further details.

Enjoy watching the video. I would love to know what you think.

If you want your own favourite celebrity drawn and uploaded to YouTube then let me know who you would like drawn and I'll see what I can do.

If you are interested in obtaining a print of the Whoopi Goldberg portrait then please contact me.

You can watch the Whoopi Goldberg speed painting video below. Remember to comment.

I also have other famous celebrity speed painting videos on my YouTube channel.

Friends - Quick Portrait

This Friends quick portrait was completed in a couple of hours and shows the cast of 6 together.

Portraits are one of the many options available from talented and renowned artist Patrick Morrow over at

From quick portraits and caricatures to special commissioned hyper-realistic portraits, Patrick has a unique ability to capture a stunning likeness.

All that is required is a photo and a description for the background and Patrick will deliver a totally unique and stunning piece of art that will grace any wall for years to come.

Although the quick portraits only take a few hours, Patrick's hyper-realistic portraits can take over 40 hours to complete and are truly incredible.

Commissioned works can be completed at any size from a small 6" x 4" all the way to several metres in length.

Unique Christmas Gift

Looking for that unique Christmas gift?  Something that says you have thought about it?  Something that no-one else will think of?

A caricature from is the way to go.

These stunning full colour caricatures have delighted customers from all over the world for many years.

A caricature is unique and will be treasured long after the chocolates, Christmas turkey, and New Year's diet are all but a distant memory.

All you need is a photo of the person to be drawn.  Send it to Patrick over at along with a description of what you require and he will hand draw a totally unique Christmas gift.

You can specify anything you want to be drawn and the price includes body and full background.

The caricatures can be printed to any size and are available in many finishes including: electronic, print, canvas, mounted, framed, acrylic block etc.

Patrick achieves an amazing photo-likeness in his work and the prints looks absolutely stunning at 12" x 18" or larger.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Portraits by Patrick Morrow

Patrick Morrow has quickly developed a reputation as a top-quality portrait artist with his astounding attention to detail and the jaw-dropping likeness captured in his artwork.

What makes Patrick such an enigma is that he is not a trained artist but it is obvious that he has an exceptional gift.

Perhaps this is why some of the biggest companies in the world have sought his unique talent and he has already produced artwork for the likes of Qantas, Smiths, Sanitarium, Channel 4, Manchester Airport, Arnotts, Ernst & Young, Budweiser, Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and countless others.

Patrick is currently expanding his work to that of hyper-realism, a genre of painting that resembles a high-resolution photograph.  His work in this area is already astonishing!

It is surprising to most that Patrick has only been painting portraits for a few years.  This developed from his caricature business in Australia (  However, this has not hampered the development of his creativity and growth of his business and fan-base   

It has been reported that smaller samples of his portrait and hyper-realism work are now selling for $1000+ with larger commissioned artworks now commanding $10,000+

Patrick is a gentle and reserved guy, passionate about his work, with a commitment to his customers.  It is no surprise that Patrick regularly turns down large corporate works in order to focus on his 'everyday' customers, refusing to allow the corporate dollar to jump to the front of the queue.

In 2013 Patrick will be commencing work on a large hyper-realism piece.  Having delayed the start for over a year and with an estimated 18 to 24 months to complete the work this will be his biggest challenge to date.

Stay tuned for updates!

Black and White Caricatures

Recently I have been asked to draw quite a few black and white line caricatures. I have attached a couple of images of the most recent ones drawn.  You can order yours over at with prices starting at $99.

The style is quite a bit different to my usual full colour caricatures although the drawing processes are virtually the same.

These caricatures were completed last week as part of my 'For Dummies' set.  I am sure I will be adding more to the set very soon.

There are 1000s of backgrounds in my collection so there is always something for everyone.

However, I can always draw to your specifications so don't be afraid to ask for something outrageous!

All caricatures are hand drawn with a digital pen straight onto computer.  Most artists are working like this these days as it allows for greater control, exceptional clarity and detail, and no mess!

It also means that multiple formats and prints can be arranged e.g. canvas, mounted, framed, t-shirts, mugs, ...anything you can print on.

Customers can also request a high-resolution digital copy of the artwork so that they can arrange their own printing in the future.

I pride myself on the exceptional photo-likeness and you can see this on my website over at

Feel free to browse through the many caricature examples.  I also paint extremely detailed portraits which are highly sought after.

If you are looking for a totally unique gift this year then order your caricature today.