Friday, June 28, 2013

Perfect Gift for a Geek

The Tech Geek caricature is now finished and available for purchase at

Colours in this caricature can be customised to your liking.


This caricature started life as a rough sketch before being produced as a high quality line art image.

Next came the colouring process and final touches before adding a sample face to the design.


If you wish to order your very own customised caricature drawn by hand from your submitted photos then simply visit my website at

Once you have placed your order and submitted your photos and description I will contact you to confirm everything before the order commences.  I may even suggest some minor changes or additions in order to get the very best final artwork produced.


I have received countless 1000s of feedback messages from customers all over the world, including from some of the biggest companies such as Stella Artois, Smiths, UK Parliament, Qantas, Arnotts, Sanitarium, Tetley, Ernst and Young, Manchester Airport, Budweiser and many, many more!

Read some of the customer feedback messages here:

Tech Geek Caricature - Stage 1

The latest caricature design from is the Tech Geek, almost similar to someone from the IT Crowd (the popular UK television series).

To the right you can see the rough sketch which will later be produced as a quality line art drawing.

There is a lot of detail in this caricature including various tech geek equipment such as computer, wires, headphones, and more!

As you would imagine, the tech geek spends little time cleaning his room and has papers, an unmade bed, old pizza box lying on the floor...looks like he is totally engrossed in his technology!


The next stage of development of this caricature will be the high quality line drawing before full colouring.


Are you looking to have your own caricature designed to your specifications?

Contact Patrick over at or just order online and send over your photo and description.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cheeky Chap Poses for Portrait

This cheeky little chap is the result of a recent portrait commission.

The cheeky little mouth turn almost contradicts the innocence of the glasses.

Each portrait commission from is produced to exceptionally high standard and exquisite detail.

If you are thinking about having a portrait painted then all I require is a high resolution image to work from.

Each commission is produced to exacting standards and is all HAND PAINTED.  These are not manipulated photos.

The painting starts as a light sketch before layers of shading are added in greyscale.

Colour is then added along with increasing levels of detail in order to capture an exceptional likeness.

Each portrait commission takes anywhere from 10 hours to 40+ hours to complete depending on the level of complexity and any background elements required.

If you are looking for a truly magical gift to capture your children, friends, family, or even yourself at a particular moment in your life then there is no better way than a portrait.

Order your portrait today from and be amazed by the level of service and blown away by the incredible portrait commission.  Be prepared to say 'wow'.

Caricatures USA

As many of my current customers are aware, I ship my caricatures worldwide and also have dedicated print and framing solutions in Australia, USA, and the UK for extremely fast turnaround.

Caricatures for the USA can be sent as high resolution images, full colour prints, or framed in made-to-measure frames and shipped via UPS to anywhere in the USA.

The framed caricatures come ready to hang in a silver style frame with white mount and full colour caricature print.

An example of the high quality silver frame can be seen on the left.

Remember that any theme can be designed to your specifications.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Portraits of Children

I am always receiving requests to produce portraits of children over at  One thing I do not think many people realise is that my work is produced by hand from scratch.  My portraits are not computer manipulations of photos.

I believe my portrait (and caricature work) is different from other artists as I pay incredible attention to detail in the likeness.  I am passionate about what I do and what I produce.  Each piece of artwork is a reflection of me and my standards.  I always want to achieve the most visually stunning piece of work I possibly can with my portraits.

Each portrait starts off as a basic sketch outline before layers upon layers of greyscale shading are added.

Smoothing of the greyscale then takes place to achieve a beautiful likeness of the face.

Each portrait is meticulously hand painted to incredible levels of likeness.

Many hours are spent achieving this likeness and, at each stage of production, I provide an opportunity for you to see the stages of development.

Some customers even request a video of the portrait being painted.

Once the greyscale layering had been completed it is on to the finer details in the eyes and mouth.

The eyes are such an incredibly important part of a portrait.  They tend to capture a lifelike character and really connect with the viewer.

Next it is on to the hair and hours of work producing those fine strands and beautiful highlights.

It is at this stage that the portrait has really come to life and there are only a few more stages left.

Colouring and texturing can be added as in the above example although quite a lot of customers do ask for black and white portraits.

Once the artwork has been completed it is off for final inspection and printing to archival standards.  There are many options you can select when it comes to size and finish so please just contact me via my website at

Please head on over to my site now and view other samples of portrait work.