Friday, June 13, 2014

Witches and Caricatures - a wicked brew!

Is it the Wicked Witch of the West or is it just wicked?!?

This stunning caricature was created by for a group of ladies who are known as the witches coven (all in good humour of course!).

This caricature looks absolutely stunning in 24" x 36" on canvas.  Indeed, it looks simply stunning at any size!

The lovely ladies sent over their photos and a description of what they were after.  It was then up to me to cast a spell and come up with something worthy of their personalities and sense of fun.

Remember, anything can be drawn for your own caricature to turn it into a unique masterpiece that can hang on your wall for generations.

The canvas prints are produced on archival quality canvas...not that cheap stuff you get from some labs!  They really do 'pop' with colour.

With a few broomsticks, bats, full moon and cauldron this scene really is captivating.

Do you have to purchase for a birthday, wedding, Christmas, retirement, or other event soon?

I know it can be difficult finding a unique gift.  And who really wants to spend hours trekking around shops to only come up with something that anyone could buy.

With these unique caricatures you are creating a moment in time...a snapshot of the person's personality and, of course, their expression.

All you need to do is send over a photo of the victim special person in your life and tell me a little about what you would like to see.

I will then produce a unique piece of artwork for you.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You can even buy now and pay later!

So, contact me now and let's get started on a gift that will have everyone talking.

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