Thursday, June 26, 2014

Corporate Gift Ideas

I have recently been extremely busy producing corporate caricatures for some big companies across the globe.

The most recent was for a large finance company who ordered 50 caricatures of some of their finance team.

Another was for a return client, GE, who ordered a large group caricature of their recent graduates.

Over at I produce stunning artwork that can be used as gifts, on websites, Christmas cards, and in corporate literature to portray a sense of fun.

Many of my corporate clients use the caricatures instead of the boring photo gallery that lines the walls of the usual corporate offices.  The caricatures have customers and staff engaged with the unique and fun way to identify their employees.  They break down barriers and lead to conversation points.

In order to draw a caricature all I require is a photo of the person and a brief description of their interests or any theme you would like to incorporate.  I'll then get to work producing your caricatures.

Many schools also engage me to complete team caricatures, staff caricatures, or even designs for retiring colleagues.

The unique designs are an instant hit with many clients coming back for many more...indeed, I have just received an order for 21 new background designs for a client who has been coming back to me for over 5 years now.

Once the caricature has been drawn it is easy for me to design a new background theme at any time.  This means that we can reuse your face and place you on a new background...great for Christmas card designs, different seasons, or new promotions.

I have even drawn caricatures that have been shown at local cinemas for advertising unique!

So, head on over to now and check out some of the many 1000s of caricatures drawn.

If you are after something particular then please get in touch.  Anything is possible.

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