Monday, June 9, 2014

Wedding Caricatures

It's that time of year again when weddings are on the horizon and the thought of purchasing that unique gift may have you stumped!

Head on over to for a solution to your wedding gift problem.  1000s of unique designs have been created over the years and your design can be next on the list.

The caricatures created are simply stunning and I have had numerous quotes from extremely happy customers telling me how the caricature they ordered was a huge hit at the wedding.

You can order a custom caricature and use it for 'Save the Date' cards or invitations.  You could order mini caricatures to use as table favours.  Perhaps you want a unique way to say thanks to the bridesmaids.

Anything can be drawn over at  The likeness to the photos you supply is amazing.

The difference with my caricatures is that they do not offend (not unless you really want them too).  There are no offensive exaggerated features such as big noses, huge ears etc (again, not unless you really want to). So, you can be happy that the couple will love their piece of artwork...a treasured momento to grace any wall for years to come.

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