Friday, September 30, 2011

Party Invitations

As the party season fast approaches I am pleased to be able to offer these awesome party invitations to help you get the party started.

All I need is a photo to work from and I will design a customised invitation card or you can specify what you want as a party theme or in the background.

Everyone loves a good party and everyone loves these invitations; they look stunning in full colour or, as in the example, with a simple colour theme.

The cards come complete with white envelopes and can also be printed on the reverse in full fact, you could have a double date celebration party card with one person on one side and another person on the other. Now that is unique!

Text can be added to your card or even a map/directions to the party venue.

So, get thinking about your design. What would you like included? Party balloons, streamers, disco lights, ...I can draw anything so it's totally up to you.

I can supply the party invitations artwork only or take care of everything and either post the cards to you or directly to your's that for a time saver!

So, get everyone talking about your party right from the moment the party invitations drop into their mailbox.

Order your party invitations today.

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