Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hyperrealism - the next phase

I have been interested in the hyperrealism style of painting for some time now. I have dabbled with a few small projects but want to complete something of significance in 2012. I envisage this being an extensive project probably lasting a few months...yes, a lot of hours of work!

For those who do not know, hyperrealism is a genre of painting where the finished artwork actually resembles a photograph. Many people have difficulty in telling the difference...something I find myself discussing with visitors to my artwork at Eumundi.

I am currently looking for a major project to undertake. It will probably be for my own collection but I am open to commissions for businesses or private collections.

This will not be a caricature! What I am hoping to complete is something different to my usual work. This will be a hyperrealistic painting of significance.

At present I am leaning towards a landscape/cityscape...something depicting the essence of Australia. However, the idea of a portrait of significance also intrigues me.

Throughout 2012 I will be posting my progress with this project on this blog and/or my website.

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