Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Caricature Bodies

Muscleman Caricature
Muscleman Caricature
Work has begun on a series of new and quite funny bodies for the caricatures.

I often find that some customers do not know what sort of theme or body they want for their caricature.  I have therefore started work on producing some standard bodies and backgrounds which clients will be able to select for their commissioned work.

There are some great ones coming soon but I thought I would share a sneak preview of what is just around the corner.

The one shown is for a body builder or muscle man.

The body has been drawn extremely large with lots of muscle definition.

The large weights signify the man's strength.

At the bottom you can see a small bird trying to lift the huge weight.

This caricature would suit someone who thinks he is a real strongman or body builder.  It would actually be quite funny for a really skinny bloke too!

The actual head for the caricature will be hand drawn as usual...and too extremely high standards (as always!).  It would actually be cool if the guy was looking down at the bird in disbelief.

Caricature Muscleman Concept
Rough Concepts
The caricature outline started life as a series of rough concept sketches as you can see here.  These were later refined and more detail added before the final line-art was produced.

The next stage will be to colour the caricature and then it is ready to accept a head.  Would you like to be the first to own this unique caricature?

There are many more new and exciting developments happening at signifying why it is one of the top caricature websites on the net.

If you are interested in having your very own custom caricature designed then please contact Patrick at

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