Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Family Caricatures

family caricature

Family caricatures...simply awesome!  Order your very own at

This highly detailed piece was produced for a family who love their music.  Each family member plays their own instrument and together they make a wonderful band.

Each caricature I produce is unique and fully customised to the requirements of each client.  It was an absolute pleasure to be able to deliver this exquisite piece to the customer...he absolutely loved it.

The customer contacted me with the following:

"I would like to get a group character drawing for my wife's birthday. We have 3 girls so there will be 5 people in all. She likes music so i was thinking of a band setting ( 1 singer, 2 guitar, 1 keyboard and 1 drums)... Please advise if this is possible and what I need to do next."

Of course, anything is possible so after a couple of e-mails the caricature was underway.

When producing a piece like this I like to have good quality photos to work from.  The photos do not need to show the whole family in one photo; in fact it is best if individual photos are sent.

Next...expression.  One of the most important factors is to get a good expression in the photo.  Capture their personality in the image if you can.  This then translates really well to the final artwork.

Once you have the photos and an idea of what you require you just need to let me know what you are thinking of.  Write everything down in an e-mail and read through it to make sure you list what you want.

From there I will begin a simple layout of how things will fit together.  Sometimes I will make suggestions and other times the client may leave it totally up to me to decide.

Whatever you want it can be drawn!

A family caricature is a great way to celebrate your life together.  It's a fun way to remember how you all looked at the time.  

The final artwork can be produced on any medium you require although the framed caricatures are extremely popular because they look so stunning.  Another option is the mounted print which is scratch and UV protected.

After the artwork has been hand drawn (that's photo manipulations or scans!) it is sent to a professional lab for an exhibition quality finish.  Your completed artwork will last for generations.  Just imagine your great grandchildren admiring your family caricature in years to come.

So, order your very own unique and fully customised family caricature today.  When your friends come over for dinner it will be the talk of the evening!

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