Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Hunger Games Caricature

The Hunger Games has been a massive hit and so was this Hunger Games style caricature for one of my recent clients. Order your caricature here:

She asked for something to reflect The Hunger Games and I obliged with this stunning caricature.

In order to research the caricature I went to see the film a couple of weeks ago. The client also provided some detailed requirements:

My Fiance, Alvin, is currently obsessed with the Hunger Games Books and Movie (I'm not sure if you're familiar with it. But it's the new box office hit and literary craze), so I thought it would a great gift idea to give him a "Hunger Games" themed caricature for our anniversary (6 April).

Attached is his photo. I couldn't seem to find a photo of just him where he was fully facing forward. I hope this photo will suffice.

I had two ideas for the caricature background/theme:

1. Similar to the movie poster where he is a caricature of one of the movie characters - Dressed in army green cargo pants, a black t-shirt and black combat boots in an area full of people, with a flaming mockingjay in the background (Please refer to Hunger Games Poster pic attached). The photo I attached is quite detailed with the pictures of the main characters on flags - you could dispense with these details. I'd prefer to keep it simple anyway -Have Alvin's caricature in the foreground, a crowd on the side and the mockingjay in the background. His eyes are brown.


2. Forest background - Dressed in army green cargo pants, a black t-shirt and combat boots (Please refer to pic attached). However, I want him to have a mockingjay pinned on the left breast of his shirt (pic with the details of the mockingjay attached for reference) or a mockingjay in the background. His Eyes are brown.

In either instance, the inclusion of the mockingjay will make the Hunger Games theme evident. I don't mind either one. I'll leave it up to your expertise to determine which is best.


Hi Patrick,

I just wanted to say thank you for the phenomenal caricature! My Fiance loved it and was really impressed with the detail of the drawing.

Many thanks,


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