Sunday, June 9, 2013

Portraits of Children

I am always receiving requests to produce portraits of children over at  One thing I do not think many people realise is that my work is produced by hand from scratch.  My portraits are not computer manipulations of photos.

I believe my portrait (and caricature work) is different from other artists as I pay incredible attention to detail in the likeness.  I am passionate about what I do and what I produce.  Each piece of artwork is a reflection of me and my standards.  I always want to achieve the most visually stunning piece of work I possibly can with my portraits.

Each portrait starts off as a basic sketch outline before layers upon layers of greyscale shading are added.

Smoothing of the greyscale then takes place to achieve a beautiful likeness of the face.

Each portrait is meticulously hand painted to incredible levels of likeness.

Many hours are spent achieving this likeness and, at each stage of production, I provide an opportunity for you to see the stages of development.

Some customers even request a video of the portrait being painted.

Once the greyscale layering had been completed it is on to the finer details in the eyes and mouth.

The eyes are such an incredibly important part of a portrait.  They tend to capture a lifelike character and really connect with the viewer.

Next it is on to the hair and hours of work producing those fine strands and beautiful highlights.

It is at this stage that the portrait has really come to life and there are only a few more stages left.

Colouring and texturing can be added as in the above example although quite a lot of customers do ask for black and white portraits.

Once the artwork has been completed it is off for final inspection and printing to archival standards.  There are many options you can select when it comes to size and finish so please just contact me via my website at

Please head on over to my site now and view other samples of portrait work.

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