Friday, June 28, 2013

Tech Geek Caricature - Stage 1

The latest caricature design from is the Tech Geek, almost similar to someone from the IT Crowd (the popular UK television series).

To the right you can see the rough sketch which will later be produced as a quality line art drawing.

There is a lot of detail in this caricature including various tech geek equipment such as computer, wires, headphones, and more!

As you would imagine, the tech geek spends little time cleaning his room and has papers, an unmade bed, old pizza box lying on the floor...looks like he is totally engrossed in his technology!


The next stage of development of this caricature will be the high quality line drawing before full colouring.


Are you looking to have your own caricature designed to your specifications?

Contact Patrick over at or just order online and send over your photo and description.

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